PCA wages in Houston med center

  1. 0 Hi. I have an offer at a hospital in the med center of Houston, but I'm surprised by how low it was. I have a few years experience. I was hoping some people here could tell me what they're making in the med center and if the know what new hires with no experience usually get.

    this would be a big help.
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    I started at $9.28/hr with no experience. After 1 year I went to $12.69/hr at St. Luke's.
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    I came from California with two years experience as a PCA. At Methodist, I was offered $11.70 / hr as a PCA II ( I would be required to take some Hospital phlebotomy classes to get the the full wage ). I was being paid $14.85 / hr as a PCA I without phlebotomy responsiblities in California. Ouch! But gasoline is cheaper in TX...

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