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Hi all! I just wanted to let everyone know that I took and passed my CNA exams today! I had to do wash hands of course, rom on knee and ankle, radial pulse, ambulate and make an occupied bed. I ran... Read More

  1. by   BryanMartinez
    Congrats on passing your test. I had to take the class twice. I failed at clinical the first time. I'm from NY and we have to do 175 hours of combined class and clinical. I passed the second time with flying colors. I was the first one done with my state test and first done to finish my skills test. I got ambulation. Empty a drainage bag and hand/nail care. I don't know how your state is since every state is different. But I highly recommend taking a cpr/bls class right away. It makes you way more desirable. It took me 2 months for me to even get called for an interview after I graduated. They only called me in because I told them I was getting my cpr. I'm now going for a second interview at a hospital. It's an overnight shift full time. Three 12 hour shifts plus weekends every 3 weeks. The pay is $16.77 an hour. And the benefits are great. After a year they'll pay for my college all that way up towards a bachelor's degree. The testing is over but now the real burden, job hunting, beggings
  2. by   stewartfamily2010
    Yay congrats!
  3. by   1feistymama
    Quote from ♫patiently_waiting❤
    I'm ready to test-BUT I'm not sure if I've waited too late I know there's a certain time limit I have to get certified after completing the class. It's either one or two years.
    In California, we were told we have 2 years after completing the class to take the certification test. We were also told you can get a "green book" or "blue book" that has all of the testable skills from your BON. I bet doing a Google search on your state's CNA test will yield the results you're looking for. They may even have it online or you might be able to pick up a copy from your local library or testing center. These books are very handy because they give you step-by-step requirements for each skill in order to pass and items in bold are guaranteed fail if you forget.

    Skayda --- CONGRATULATIONS!!!!