'Nurses eat their young' is an understatement. What has your experience been? - page 3

Maybe this has been covered previously, but I am finding that it doesn't matter where I am, Nurses and CNAs are not very friendly to new hires. My first experience was in clinicals. Not one of... Read More

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    I am finishing up my last semester in nursing and I have to say that the nurses and CNA's I have worked with have been very friendly and helpful. I think when you show respect and appreciation for another person you get that back in return. I have been truly grateful for the help and guidance I have gotten from both nurses and CNA's and I hope to pass that forward when I become a nurse. Thank you Cone Health System and High Point Regional Hospital!

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    This depends on the nurse.

    I have had one nurse (when I was new) who would always treat you like you were incompetent.
    There is one nurse that has blown up on me for insignificant things before.

    Most of the RN's respect you if you are caring about the patients.
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    From a 2011 thread on this very issue (there are many threads about this).

    The subject comes up so frequently that we have what is called a "Sticky" - a recommended reading area. Here is the link to the sticky on "Nurses eating their young".


    "This vile expression implies that experienced nurses do not treat new nurses kindly. My first problem with the statement is that it’s a generalization implying that all nurses are like that. Interestingly, whenever I hear someone utter the expression, I always say, “I don’t do that. Do you?” The person making the statement always says, “Oh no, I don’t, but many others do.” I’ve never heard even one nurse own up to doing this, although some nurses are willing to indict the entire profession. Every time that statement is repeated, it causes harm and casts a dark shadow on every nurse. Say anything enough, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy."

    One more of many:

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    I haven't had that experience. When i first started in the ER EVERYONE asked me my name, introduced themselves, and told me to come to them if I needed help, even the ones who seemed intimidating. So far, everyone I've worked with have been extremely helpful to me. There is the expected 'politics' but no one seems to be trying to 'eat' (giggle) me.
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    I'm sorry your experience was so crappy. It sounds similar to that of my a lot of my fellow CNA class students during our clinicals. We, however, had an awesome teacher who really prepared us both before and after our clinical days and she went above and beyond to see that we succeeded, even offering students with transportation trouble rides home at the end of the day, and she worked out a signal before she put us on the floor between us in case things were going badly and we needed to step away for a few because she knew how awful a lot of the staff at the nursing home could be to newbies and each other. She'd let us come hide out with her for a few minutes and vent and she is where I first heard that phrase; "nurses eat their young" from and gave the advice to try not to let it get to us too much but she would be there if we needed a break from it. We all met up at the end of the day to vent about what bothered us and/or talk about any good things we saw/learned. I also know how you feel about the negative vibes; at the nursing home we were at I noticed staff talking bad about each other behind their backs, being snippy to both the CNA students and the nursing students who were there at the same time, even the residents could feel it as one said to me; "Why is everyone always in such a bad mood." They can see right through those fake smiles everyone pastes on for them. Other than the nursing home staff my own experience at clinicals was actually all right. I was very nervous going into it having never worked at a nursing home before but we were paired up with another student in our class and we shadowed a CNA from the facility. We were lucky enough to get one of the nicer ones and learning how to use the lifts, (under supervision!), and stuff was actually kind of fun.
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    This has completely been my experience. The CNAs at the LTC facility I worked at for 3 weeks treated me like absolute dirt. They gave me dirty looks, badmouthed me, talked down to me, screamed at me and cussed me out, one even called me up on my phone and threatened me over something I didn't do. I remember one time when I had just started, I accidentally put a resident's brief on wrong, an aide came into the room to look at it... I'd swear, she must have thought of me as scum of the Earth, the way she looked and talked at me was so dirty and hateful. But nah, I'm sure they were "kind" and "caring" aides who were just stressed out having to put up with the likes of me, an incompetent. My short experience working in LTC has just further solidified my conviction that I'm a an idiot and loser who will never get anywhere in life.

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