New CNA/Nursing Stu. -Can't Find a Job

  1. I am so disappointed and stressed. I just finished the CNA class three weeks ago and take the state test on Sept. 2. I have been searching far and wide for a job and either hear "we're not hiring" or "we are not interested in someone with your availability i.e. no students." I've already paid for the class and I've pre-paid for the state test so I am going to go ahead and finish it, why not? But I am getting stressed about work because I so very badly need a job. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   amybear
    just curious what your availability is???? i am a nursing student/CNA too and i had a couple job offers for every other weekend 3-11 shift. i had the option of every weekend or every other. you could also apply prn.
  4. by   such_sweet_sorrow
    I am available 4 out of the 7 evenings of the week and wanted 16-32 hours working those or doing a double of day and evening on Sundays. It seems around here that there are too many CNAs for the area and four of the nursing homes here have told me that they aren't hiring anyone and are in fact laying off all of their part time CNAs or making them go to full-time.

    The best I've got is some places telling me that they will keep my application for six months in case something comes up, but I'm not counting on it.