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I just got certified as a CNA in January and I have been hired at a hospital. I've been at general orientation the whole week just learning stuff about the hospitals policies and such but also about patient care somewhat. Well, I... Read More

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    I started my class Sept. 2012 and it ended Dec. 8, 2012. I applied to a bunch of jobs in December when I was done, about 30. I got hired by a home health agency in Feb. but it didn't work b/c I have no car (but the woman who hired me said it would be okay and she would give me patients on the bus line). I also told here that I needed to know a day in advance for a job assignment b/c of the bus but they continued to notify me the day of. Anyway, out of the blue a hospital called me about two weeks ago and I went in for three interviews with them and they hired me! I couldn't believe it b/c I have barely any work experience in life at all. I got hired on the med/surg unit along with 4 other CNA's who have a lot of experience and I'm the only one who is a newbie. They also hired a brand new CNA like me for the post partum unit and we were both talking about how blessed we were to to new and get in at a hospital. I honestly expected only nursing homes would hire me but trust me you can definitely do it. Apply to every hospital in your area even if they say you have to have experience. If you get to the interview let them know that you're a quick learner and that you are a determined person. Good luck!

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    Quote from rrrs444230
    wow! it's great that you were able to find a job at a hospital! I'm currently in a CNA course and have no previous healthcare experience and wanted to know if anyone out there was able to find a job. How long did it take you to find this job (if u don't mind me asking)? Best of luck on monday! I'm sure you'll figure out the flow of the unit in no time!
    Hey! I replied to you already but then I went to your page and noticed that you are taking your class at HCC. That's were I took mines (at the West Loop Campus).
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    When I worked at the hospital, I was paired with the most experienced CNA on the floor for about 3 weeks. The first few days, I just followed her around and watched what she did, then I started helping her, then she had me do stuff while she watched and helped me. I hope your hospital does that for you. You will learn everything you need to know if you have this type of orientation on your floor.

    Good luck!

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