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I have been a MA since 2008,and i have not been able to find employment. I am soo discouraged because i have spent over 10k and i,,have,no job. I did my externship at a local hospital and they loved me but they couldnot hire me... Read More

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    I had tried different ways to get into The medical field but it just seems impossible. Every where you turn you need some type Of experience. Seems like you have to,kno someone to get a job these days. Its really tough here in,philly. Thanks for all Of The responses. Staying hopeful to find a job one day in The medical field

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    Omgosh! What state are you in? Do not get depressed. Have you thought about moveing to another state or city.. I live here in houston tx and the jobs are booming! Schools as well.
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    I have family who lives in houston but im in Charleston sc
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    I really do need to move. I live in philly, Pa and The jobs here suck. Moving might be The best options at this point cause i hzve put out tons Of resumes and done everything but still no luck smh

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