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I have been working as a CNA for a couple months now at a nursing home, on the rehab floor in the morning. There are four of us for about 40 residents and we usually get breaks and lunch by pairs so... Read More

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    I work on a rehab floor and too many of the nurses are the same you describe and it is really frusterating. All the CNA's are doing dinner with 5 call lights on and the nurses just sit there and gossip. I am so sick of listening to the gossip and what not going on at the nurses desk. Last night we were short staffed a CNA and it was so much worse. I almost wanted to quit.

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    Quote from MN-Nurse
    She refuses to do a thing for any patients not on her list and seems to try to justify this by making sure you don't do anything for her patients.
    I work with someone like this. She drives me up a wall. I swear, she makes things harder for herself by going out of her way to avoid helping other people, and if you do something for one of her patients she acts all awkward and states that you didn't need to do that. And heaven forbid she does do the tiniest thing for anyone else; she cannot rest until she lets them know, and it has to be within earshot of the nurse! Puh-lease! The nurses all know what a butthole she is, but it's still aggravating!
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    I totally understand I have being on both side as a CNA an also a Nurse.. I have worked with some nurses that wouldn't even give a bedpan or even more simple answer a call bell... On the other hand I have also worked with nurses that if they weren't busy they will help out their cna's... Us nurses have responsibilities too that take up a lot of our time and even though we want to help the cna's sometimes we can't. I helped my cna's when I had a chance if I was in a room giving out meds and the CNA needed a lift or a bust I would do, but they also knew when I was busy. The best advice that I could give is to speak up but also understand that nurses have bigger responsibilities, and I hope that everything works out on your floor trust me I worked as a CNA on the rehab unit on days and it was hard.. Best of luck..!

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