Just passed CA CNA exams!

  1. I'm so relieved and happy it's over! I was in a free 30 day training program that I graduated from 7/31 and just took my American Red Cross tests today!
    I was at the testing location from 8:30AM-1:15PM! There were lots of student CNAs there to retest a part of the exam that they failed. :uhoh21: One girl said she had failed the skills portion because she didn't wear gloves during nail care... The other said she failed because during a transfer from bed to wheel chair she didn't use both hands to lift the patient with the gait belt...
    There was a big group of students from my program and we were all nervous! The examiners split all of the students into groups of three for skills testing. My group consisted of my classmates, so that comforted me. I was still nervous, doubting myself, not knowing what to expect. My group was the first called to test!
    Our skills testing was split into 2 different rooms. One room was handwashing plus station A, the other was both stations B and C. We began in the room with B and C. Of us three, I was the last to perform. I acted as the patient for both of my classmates. My classmate that went first drew assisted ambulation and weight. My second classmate drew PPE and transfer from bed to chair... I noticed that the examiner wasn't replacing the cards that were drawn... I started sweating because I knew there were some difficult ones left like vitals!
    Next was me, and sure enough I drew BP and passive ROM for upper body. I started to sweat after hearing about so many people failing over BP... I performed ROM first which was easy. She asked how many times you would perform each motion and why you would stop (pain). She asked for me to demonstrate rotation, abduction, extension and flexion, as well as a couple movements of each joint. "Show me two exercises of the wrist." Etc.
    Then came BP... The examiner and I shared a double stethoscope and luckily I heard the systolic loud and clear at 130 and the diastolic faded completely at 84. She asked me what I got and I told her... She said she didn't hear it. She checked it again quickly all by herself and said what she got was higher, but I was within the acceptable range (8 mmHg).
    Next, my group moved on to handwashing plus station A. The first classmate drew bedpan, then I drew feeding a paralyzed resident while the last classmate drew lower bed bath.
    My classmate was seated to act as my resident. I checked her ID band and went to gather the correct tray. The tray told me what her diet was and listed allergies as well as food to be omitted. My resident was allergic to milk and eggs and could not have salt. I check the food on the tray and removed the milk and salt. I assisted her with feeding. It went great because I have so much experience with feeding from clinicals!

    My group passed! My whole class passed except for one girl.

    The written exam was easy! Some questions have lots of right answers, the key is to choose the best answer!

    My advice is to pay great attention to infection control, safety as well as the rest of the 6 principles of care. They're really hammering down on infection control and safety. If you forget something, let them know! Everyone stresses out so much prior to testing, it's not that bad.
    I'm so happy I'm a CNA now! I start full time work on Tuesday on an orthopedic surgery station. I can't wait!

    Goodluck to all of you future CNAs and congratulations to all that have passed!
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  3. by   sixela21
    Congrats, and good luck to you! It was very refreshing to see you talk about the exam in detail because I have just started classes and will be taking the exam in about two months. I hope to do as well as you =) congrats again on passing and landing a job so soon.
  4. by   sakiohma
    Congratulations! Wow, your skills test sounds so much tougher than mine. For feeding, we just had to feed our patient 3 bites out of a fruit cup.