Just got certified! What's next?

  1. 0 I just passed my state board exam in California! What's next? Obviously, I am trying to look for jobs, but what's the best way to go about it? Should I just look for job openings online, apply online and hope that an employer reaches out to me? Should I go directly to the facility to apply? I also heard about working through the State Registry. Can anyone give me details about this?

    With job openings, I also notice that a lot of facilities (even LTCs) require their CNAs to have 6 months of experience. Where do these facilities expect me to get this experience?
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    I just passsed my state test on August 26th and found a job on August 27th! it all depends on where you are looking and how you approach it. Personally, i like to apply in person because they get the chance to meet you and remember you but when you apply online you are just another number/application. It shows more dedication if you actually go to the facility. It doesnt hurt to read up about the facility before going and applying. As a new cna with no experience, i would say to apply for assisted living places rather than a nursing home. Some nursing homes require a year experience. Also, try to find a place that is private and not state! i hope that helped! just be determined and you will find what youre looking for!

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