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    I'm so excited!!! I have been applying to local hospitals to work as a MA/PCT/CCA and all that and finally got a great interview opportunity w/ a hospital in Atlanta that is offereing a position in their ICU!!!! I've worked Med/Neuro ICU for a year and LOVED it! Love it so much that that is where I'd like to be (in critical care) after I complete my BSN!!! So excited and horribly anxious!!

    Any tips for the interview??? What questions should I ask when they ask if I have any questions... BEST attire (I was planning to wear black slacks, black mary janres with this black and grey top with jacket type thing).

    Thanks :-D
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    Way to go!
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    The interview attire described above sounds great!

    Be prepared for a question about how you handle conflict with others (coworker, patient, visitor).

    Maybe an ethical question about end-of-life care (although that is a stretch, I work in an ICU and it is an issue every shift for at least one patient/family on the unit).

    Be sure to have an answer to a question about why you want this job/to care for patients/etc.

    Good luck, you'll do great!

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