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Hello, I am a Licensed Nurses Assistant (LNA). I work at a nursing home in NH. There's a huge problem there and I need advice. We have a resident who's "care plan" allows for him to roll off his bed and onto the floor without... Read More

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    I will have to mention the scrubs. This man doesn't have loose Bm's, he just plays with it.....takes his clothes off and it gets everywhere that way.

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    We had a lady like that in a facility I used to work in. The nurses were aware of it, but had to keep documenting it until she got moved to a facility more appropriate for her needs. She was only there a few days. Most places I've worked that are LTC, the aides have barely enough time to take proper care of the ones they're responsible for, let alone an extra big BM mess 24/7. It sounds like something that the higher-ups need to deal with, possibly a social worker.
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    Thanks for your response. It is very helpful to know that others have dealt with this kind of situation and what was done about it. I sure hope our nurses are on the ball too so we can breathe easy again.
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    All you can do is clean him up whenever it happens. Give him the minimum bed sheets necessary to keep him comfortable (So you can just put them in the wash and change his bed) and try different ways of keeping the brief on him. Put it on backwards, try different sizes, try pull ups (like underwear) put underwear on over it, etc.

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