I did not put on a restraint belt on a resident and he fell

  1. the other day I transferred a hospice resident to his wheelchair and i was looking for his belt and could not find it anywhere!!!!! there was one on his wheelchair but the other half was missing so i thought maybe they must have took him off the restraints or something...but anyways i was going to tell the nurse but then I had one of the residents calling me so i quickly went over to check on her and then i got sidetracked and forgot to tell her later on when i came back from break i found out that the resident had fallen. He wasn't sent out to the hospital but he did have two huge bruises on his face (on his forehead) and his elbows...i felt soooo bad i know it was my fault because i should have notified the nurse.....i am also soo scared that I might get my license taken away or that the state will come in...whats going to happen?? can anyone please tell me what might be the consequences??
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  3. by   mstearns09
    It's easy to panic in a situation like this. The worst, I would think, would be a write-up and a scolding about notifying the nurse about the missing piece of the belt. Next time, if it were me, I would seek out the nurse with the resident with me to let her know about the missing piece.
  4. by   LeeLeeTheGPN
    Had the patient already been safely transferred or did he slide out of the chair? Did he fall with another CENA? I don't completely understand the circumstances.