How much does a CNA make in south jersey

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    Hello I'm looking into going to school for multi skilled tech and you have to start as a cna and work at least 6 months before going farther in mst so I was just wondering if anyone on here is a cna in south jersey or anywhere in nj really?And also was it easier to find a job at a long term care of hospital and which one do you like better

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    How much do you make a hour?
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    I have been a CNA for a little over a year. I started in a nursing home worked there for about a year making 9.91 an hour. Just got hired 2 months ago at a hospital making 14.27. Start off in a nursing home to get experience then move on. Btw I live in Jersey City, NJ nursing home average $9-$13, hospital $12-$16 an hour.
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    @daisyymaria thank you I start my cna class in may ad I excited to et into it I really want to work in the hospital but I will most likely work in a long term care to start off
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    Your welcome goodluck with everything
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    I work in an assisted living in south Jersey and I make 10.50 per hour. I am a new CNA certified last fall. I also worked in a nursing home for the same rate with a 5% shift differential and an extra dollar on the weekends. That is typical pay in my area of south Jersey. Hope that helps!

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