how long do reference and background checks normally take?

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    I've gone through the interview process and did a job shadow on Friday. They called me this morning and said they're doing my background and reference check... does anyone know how long these take? I assume that it depends on whether people answer their phones.... But I'm desperate to get started working!

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    My background check has taken a month so far...but they said it would take about a week.
    I am a future Genesis CNA/ least I hope! I have been dealing with their HR since Feb of this year. Their entire hiring process is puzzling to me. After a couple months of following up with them...I was told to come in for interview. Then another two months went by. Then after I called to follow-up again...I was asked if I was still interested and told they were behind in paperwork and they apologized. I was then told to come in for urine test, bring immunization records, and fill out background check info. (I had already filled this out on-line a few months ago). I know they need employees because they consistently have open houses and even encourage 90-day lettered CNA's and new grads to apply. In conclusion I was told they would call me within a week for's been almost a month. This entire nursing assistant experience has been challenging...from dealing with the MBON to get my certification in a timely the hiring process.

    I'm trying to start a new career and become a RN...but I must say at this point my enthusiasm is wearing out. At this point I'm looking into becoming a medical or pharmaceutical sales rep...gotta keep options open...since nothing is guaranteed.

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