Getting a first cna job with a spotty work history?

  1. These past 5 years before I decided to go for my cna, my work history has been pretty bad to say the least. Do you think that will keep me from getting a job? I've worked fast food, retail, and a lot of them were short term. I've sent out resumes to a few places and haven't heard anything back, I don't put down all the jobs I worked at, but it still probably doesn't look good.
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  3. by   Jessicainsantafe
    If you start out as a part-time volunteer doing CNA work, that will work in your favor. Just like you, I had a pretty extensive work history that had absolutely nothing to do with nursing of any kind. Just keep applying, volunteer when you can, and then you will get hired. It's pretty simple to do! If I can do it and get a job, then anyone can who has their CNA in hand. And I'm over 50 years old!