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So it was my first day as a PCT at the big local hospital..this is my first job after getting my CNA certificate. I just felt so overwhelmed today.. Like with all the medical abbreviations I felt so lost! And, I just felt like I... Read More

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    Totally normal to be overwhelmed.
    In my hospital, if you aren't able to get everything done, let the nurse know. Write down the abbreviations and study them later. Focus on patient safety in the beginning (don't drop anyone!) and learning what the normal vital sign ranges are.

    In my area it's nearly impossible to get a hospital CNA job without prior experience, so good on you. Be quick on your feet and observant and you will learn tons.

    Good luck!

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    I will agree that it is normal to feel overwhelmed on the first day. Heck, I'm 7 months in and still spend a fair amount of time being overwhelmed. However, the abbreviations.... dang my CNA program absolutely drilled us on those. There was an entire page we had to memorize and we got tested on them. I thought all programs did that but I guess not.

    This was the text we used and it has a comprehensive listing of abbreviations: Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care: The Basics (9781604250145): Hartman Publishing Inc., Jetta Fuzy RN MS: Books
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    Thank you all for your advice and support! I greatly appreciate it, and it's nice to know I can go to allnurses and have such a good support system.
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    I get a lot of anxiety at work, feeling like I have to do everything for everyone at once. I often get overwhelmed, and have to use a few strategies to cope.

    1) You can only do what you can do. You are one person, you can only answer one call light at at time, clean up one person at a time.

    2) Don't hurry. It will feel like you have to, as you help one person and two other call lights are going off. Oh well. Do your best with that person, and then move on to the next person. There's nothing more you can do.

    3) When nurses/family bark at you and try to pull you five different ways, tell them when you will be able to help them. Saying things to a demanding nurse like, "Right now I am helping Mrs. Anderson with a bath, then I need to order a meal for Mr. Smith, and then I can help you with XX," goes a long way to setting boundaries while still being a helpful aide.

    4) Remember that you are at a 24 hour care facility. I get overwhelmed towards the end of shift because I want to clean everyone up one last time, but by the time I get to the last person, the first person is dirty again, or I don't even make it to my last person. It's 24 hour care, the work never ends. Don't expect to finish your shift with perfection. There's always more to do.

    5) Ask questions of friendly nurses and aides instead of assuming.
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    Today was my second day at work, and i took all of your guys advice, and I felt a lot less overwhelmed and was actually enjoying myself!

    Thanks again for the support everybody!
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