First day alone as CNA

  1. Hello All - So today I had my first day alone at the LTC facility. This is my first CNA job and felt lucky at the interview that she offered me the 6am to 2pm shift. I was told that the average resident to CNA was 9-11 to one. I started off with 15 residents, but one passed late last week while I was still being oriented to the ways of the facility/residents. I was also told that they do 2-person transfers at this facility-she volunteered this information, I didn't even ask.
    So, today was not a good day. I already had heard that I was on one of the worst halls in the facility due to the number of incontinent & completely dependent residents. By the "end of my shift", I had 2 residents that were dripping wet, one resident crying (again) for the bedpan, and one resident that was supposed to be laid down ASAP after lunch (was not aware of that). I was ready to cry. The co-worker coming in behind me is very kind, knows that I am new to the function, and I helped her complete as much as I could before the head nurse told me to leave as my shift was over (an hour prior).
    Maybe I sound like a crybaby but should a rookie CNA be in a situation w/so many dependent residents (including a "feeder")? Also, I rarely see anyone doing 2-person transfers-most do them alone unless the person is very heavy (even those that state in the orders that a hoyer must be used).
    Any advice, words of encouragement are appreciated
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  3. by   funtimes
    I dont think its a good sign that aides are transferring two person transfers by themselves, and even lifting someone who is supposed to be a hoyer by themselves. If you hurt your back, or a patient, while transferring them like that, you are SOL. Yes lots of aides do it, I generally refer to them as IDIOTS.

    It just might be that there is an unspoken rule in this facility that aides must be IDIOTS to get the job done. In which case I would quietly begin seeking employment elsewhere.