first CNA interview

  1. so i just had my first CNA interview todaywith DON at a nursing & rehab center. I believe I did well. She really didnt ask any hard questions. she only asked 2 and they were very simple. She then further talked about the facility what a typical day was like she told me what my pay would be, the uniforms they wear, she told me kind of residents they have....she interviewed me as if i already have the job..what do u think??...she told be looking for a call from her next week...shes going to check my references i think i had given one of references number was not the correct num. ..if she calls my references and its the wrong num. someone answers n they dont have a clue wat the DON is talkn about what will happen?....and what do they ask when they call your references....tna
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  3. by   misswillow
    It sounds like you had a great interview! Can you call or email the DON and give her the correct number of your reference? I think this will be better than her calling the reference and having it be a wrong number.

    Also, you may want to send her a thank you note or email if you haven't done so already...this can never hurt, and sometimes can help your chances. Good luck!
  4. by   CoffeemateCNA
    Usually when they call your references, they just ask if you worked at XXXXXX facility, the dates of your employment, and if you are eligible for rehire.