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  1. Hi everyone.

    I live in California and I recently completed my CNA course and took my boards on 10/31. I just recently have started looking for work and I've found two hospitals that just recently started hiring CNA's and I'm very interested in working for them. There's a problem though. When applying they want you to give them your license number, only problem is, I don't have mine yet.

    My certificate of completion says it should arrive in 16 weeks, which everyone has told me is a lie, and it normally takes much longer to finally show up in the mail. But no matter how long it takes, I dont have time to sit around and twiddle my thumbs until I find it in my mailbox one day.

    So does anyone know where I can go to lookup my license number? So far, the California Department of Public Health websight has been zero help at all and has been pretty much beyond worthless. So at this point Im stuck and have no idea who to turn to/where to go.

    And help at all would be appreciated
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  3. by   LMG3990
    I'm still waiting for my license number too, but I just tested a week ago, so I'll have a while to wait. In the meantime, and I might check this out myself, check with your state nurses registry. However, you can and should still submit your application with a note that you're waiting for the license number, and if necessary give them a copy of your test results (if you were given your "Pass" sheet on testing day). I actually started applying for jobs even before my test day. I just started a new job in a LTC/Rehab facility and still don't have my actual license #. Give it a shot. Good luck!
  4. by   fuzzywuzzy
    Who submitted your paperwork?

    We filled out our forms in class and the school submitted them all at once. I waited like 2 months, never got anything in the mail and nothing showed on the online registry, so I called them and within a week everything was good.

    The class I took also gave out "certificates of completion" that you could probably make copies of and put with your application.