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  1. 0 Hello all! I am new here and wanted to get some information/advice. I did a search and did not come up with any information on this cna course. The cna course is through enlight academy and the cost is 800.00. I have been doing some shopping around so to speak and it seems to be the cheapest in my area. The course is 4 weeks long m-f or 6 wks long sat. and sun. I am currently not employed and hoping to eventually start pre reqs for the LPN program later this yr. through alamo colleges. I am hoping that being a cna first will help me to finalize the fact that I want/can handle being a nurse. Any information/advice would be appreciated. I am really nervous about making the decisions and taking the necessary steps in order to achieve the long term goal of being a nurse. So I guess some questions are is the 4wks long enough to get what i need to become a competent cna? Is 800.00 a fair price? Is becoming a cna a good step to take on the road to becoming a nurse? Has anyone taken a cna course in san antonio that is not through alamo colleges and they can recommend? thanks in advance
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