Does your LTC/SNF/ALF require CNA 2 (Acute CNA) Certification?

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    I currently work in home health care and I want to transition into a job that will garruntee me a stable job after I get my ADN. I have applied to several LTC/SNF/ALF within a 20 mi radius but yet to recieve a call back. I am starting to wonder if this is because my area (SF Bay Area/northern california) is strict on experience and education and facilities have an unposted want for canidates with Acute CNA/CNA 2 certification. I speculate that LTC/SNF/ALF are starting to shift their hiring standards to hospital standards which is basically one year of experience AND Acute CNA certification. I am wondering if anybody's facility on AN requires CNA 2 certification? What makes a canidate stand out at your facility? Thanks

    P.S. I know the nursing market in the Bay Area is currently oversaturated, but does this apply to CNAs as well? Thanks.

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    What exactly does a CNA 2 or acute CNA learn that a CNA 1 doesnt? My state has no such certification, its just CNA and thats it. Does a CNA 2 learn phlebotomy and EKG interpretation?
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    I hear that they do learn EKGs,foleys, glucose readings, and possibly phlebotomy. It's just a more in-depth teaching from the original CNA to fit an acute care facility.

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