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Difference of being a CNA and a PSS/PCA

  1. 0 I currently work for a home health care agency and i'm a licensed CNA. Though for the client i work for i work as a PSS. I really don't understand the difference of a CNA and a PSS. At my work place CNA's get paid $10.00 an hour but since i'm working as a PSS for my client i only get paid $8.50 an hour... I'm really confused with this whole CNA and PSS deal...
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    I don't know what PSS stands for but I'm assuming your role is more like a companion/housekeeper. My local homecare agency has 2 different kinds of services- one that sends CNAs to do direct care and one that sends people to do homemaking stuff. The latter group is paid less. Obviously if you're a CNA you're qualified to do both but if you're not actually doing CNA stuff then they don't have to pay you for it just because you ARE a CNA. It's kind of a waste that you spend time and money on a qualification that you're not using. I would ask if I could switch to a client that requires direct care and if they tell you that's not available I'd look for another job that pays better.
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    Pss stands for personal support specialist. Oh I see what you mean. Though I'm working for my client as a "pss" everything I do there pretty much is direct care from cleaning a trachea area and g tube to giving meds.. I just don't understand really the diff in a cna and a pss's job duties.