Difference of being a CNA and a PSS/PCA

  1. I currently work for a home health care agency and i'm a licensed CNA. Though for the client i work for i work as a PSS. I really don't understand the difference of a CNA and a PSS. At my work place CNA's get paid $10.00 an hour but since i'm working as a PSS for my client i only get paid $8.50 an hour... I'm really confused with this whole CNA and PSS deal...
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  3. by   fuzzywuzzy
    I don't know what PSS stands for but I'm assuming your role is more like a companion/housekeeper. My local homecare agency has 2 different kinds of services- one that sends CNAs to do direct care and one that sends people to do homemaking stuff. The latter group is paid less. Obviously if you're a CNA you're qualified to do both but if you're not actually doing CNA stuff then they don't have to pay you for it just because you ARE a CNA. It's kind of a waste that you spend time and money on a qualification that you're not using. I would ask if I could switch to a client that requires direct care and if they tell you that's not available I'd look for another job that pays better.
  4. by   hellojennpov
    Pss stands for personal support specialist. Oh I see what you mean. Though I'm working for my client as a "pss" everything I do there pretty much is direct care from cleaning a trachea area and g tube to giving meds.. I just don't understand really the diff in a cna and a pss's job duties.
  5. by   Investigator 1
    This is an old thread, but this may still help someone. In Maine the difference between a CNA and a PSS is that a CNA can provide total care, while a PSS can only assist the consumer with their care. For example a PSS could help a consumer bathe by washing their back or other hard to reach areas, but the consumer does the majority on their own. A CNA could provide all the bathing. In Maine a PSS cannot dispense medications, they can only provide reminders that it it time for the consumer to take their medications. A CNA can use a lift to get a consumer out of bed, a PSS can only assist a consumer to get out of bed. In short, a PSS can only assist consumers with their needs, They cannot provide total care or perform nursing functions.