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I was wondering if anyone had any information about working for the department of correction as a CNA. i was hoping to obtain a job there after completetion of my cna program. Any info would be nice. I.e. Hours , pay, patient to... Read More

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    I am going to go back to school & get my CNA2, until I find a good enough job that I can pay for school myself
    Nursing market is flooded right now, especially here in NC, it is hard to find anything for us as CNA's aside from home healthcare -_-
    Try dialysis clinics, it would be good experience bc they train their techs to use the machines, at least the one I interviewed at does.
    You might want to get your med tech certification as well

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    Ok thanks i know alot of places want 6mths experiance did you do a lot of volunteer work?
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    No, I did not do any volunteer work. I got my CNA in November 2010, & then a job in January 2011 so I didn't really need to, & was employed for a year. Now, I simply can't afford to drive anywhere to do volunteer work even if I wanted to.
    I don't know what CNA's do whenever they volunteer at places, I doubt they are allowed to do any clinical work at all d/t liability issues.

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