Correctional Prison/jail cna

  1. I was wondering if anyone had any information about working for the department of correction as a CNA. i was hoping to obtain a job there after completetion of my cna program. Any info would be nice. I.e. Hours , pay, patient to cna ratio...
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  3. by   Jlsmithh
    Im wondering the same thing...
  4. by   funtimes
    Ive heard from people I know who are corrections officers that these jobs have extremely high turnover(even higher than normal CNA jobs), so thats something to keep in mind. Ive also heard that if its a male prison, its probably not a good idea to work as a female CNA, assuming they would even hire a female aide.
  5. by   Wonderlost
    I worked in my county jail for a year as a CNA/med tech.
    My hours were either 3-11, or 7-5, every other weekend.
    I worked with a team of ER nurses, a PA, a psych dr, & a D.O.
    My pay was 15.00 an hour, but I was only part time so I had no benefits or anything like that.
    County jails have around 500 inmates, expect more in a prison. Only about 300 of them actually took medications, the rest of them could put in sick calls to see the medical staff if they ever had an issue.
    Think of an ER, but with police officers.
    I enjoyed the job, but you have to be careful working in a jail just bc of who you are working with. They will take advantage of you if you give them the chance, and sue you in a heartbeat.
    I will never again work in a jail, but that is just out of personal reasons. I learned a lot & am thankful for the experience, but no one seems to need a CNA with a correctional skill set, so I am having difficulties finding a new job.
    Hope this helped.
  6. by   Wonderlost
    Also, I was a male aide, & was the only male aide there for a long time. Expect some harassment from the male side, but it is not terrible, honestly. I was harassed just as much on the female side. Just be professional.
    Just keep in mind that things are different inside of the jails. You are going to have family members calling you trying to get information from them & telling you whatever just to try to get you to do it, but you can't.
    You have to abide by the jail rules as well as the medical departments rules, & it can be easy to get in trouble.
  7. by   ShaneseU
    Thanks very helpful $15 sounds great even for part time..benefits would be nice though
  8. by   Wonderlost
    That was just in my specific county jail. I knew the vice president of the company, and she was contracted to work in that jail alone, so she set the rate of pay for the techs & the nurses.
    It sounds nice, but when I started there, they had me working full time hours with no benefits, & by the time I was let go, I was working maybe 2-3 days a week & only 6 hour shifts, so I could of made more with a full time job making 10$ an hour probably.
    Don't do it for just the money lol, if you decide to leave & get a new job, it can be hard
  9. by   ShaneseU
    Yes true. I was looking for experiance tl maybe get into a hospital setting ( looking to get into the nursing program in north carolina) we need atleast 6mths experiance and right now the DOC doesnt really require that much experiance
  10. by   Wonderlost
    DOC is the prison, things will be different there.
    I am in NC too, I worked inside of the Gaston county jail.
    I've also applied to the DOC CNA jobs but have yet to hear a response lol.
    I got lucky when I got the jail job, but I only took it for the money. I wish I hadn't, even though I learned a lot, it doesn't matter that I know what I know bc I'm a just a CNA -_-
    I would try a nursing home, & then after a few months, apply at hospitals.
  11. by   ShaneseU
    Honestly i dont,know what to do. I live in raleigh and there, are several prisons & jails over here..guess im just gonna try my luck
  12. by   Wonderlost
    I am going to go back to school & get my CNA2, until I find a good enough job that I can pay for school myself
    Nursing market is flooded right now, especially here in NC, it is hard to find anything for us as CNA's aside from home healthcare -_-
    Try dialysis clinics, it would be good experience bc they train their techs to use the machines, at least the one I interviewed at does.
    You might want to get your med tech certification as well
  13. by   ShaneseU
    Ok thanks i know alot of places want 6mths experiance did you do a lot of volunteer work?
  14. by   Wonderlost
    No, I did not do any volunteer work. I got my CNA in November 2010, & then a job in January 2011 so I didn't really need to, & was employed for a year. Now, I simply can't afford to drive anywhere to do volunteer work even if I wanted to.
    I don't know what CNA's do whenever they volunteer at places, I doubt they are allowed to do any clinical work at all d/t liability issues.