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  1. Here's the deal: I worked as a CNA for about three years and washed out to work in the clerical world (better schedule and less physical and emotional stress while going to school). Now, with the economy as suckey as it is, I am having trouble finding traditional, full-time office work (and part of me still doesn't know if I can handle the dull, rigid life of Full-Time Cubicle World).

    I have great memories of being a CNA, and terrible ones. Over three years I washed out of three health care companies because of mandatory double shifts, boring home health assignments (one was literally JUST to make sure a lady didn't cross her legs after a hip surgery) and defunct institutions that let fallen residents lay on the floor for two hours. I wish I made this up.

    But I keep remembering my time as an aide in an assisted living facility, where I was mainly a med tech. I loved my residents (most of the time, lol), the facility was well organized for the first two years that I worked there, the work wasn't too messy and my co-workers were great. I seems even better now that I am out of work and I would like that feeling of meaning back in my life. Everyday I came home from there I felt like I was serving some greater purpose.

    I'm considering returning to home health, but am afraid of the odd family members, boring assignments and clueless managers similar to the home home health company I worked for in the past (I have heard similar complaints with the same company from past co-workers elsewhere). Does anyone know of some good companies that operate in Wisconsin, ones that have decent assignments (ie. busy assignments) and a good reputation?

    Also, since washing out of the field because of bad companies, everyone I know says they will smack me if I try to return (mainly because I told them to say that if I ever considered it...I like the nature of the work, but was jaded by these organizations). Any advise on what to say? I've worked my way into a hole here and it would be great to get some outside perspective. Thanks!
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  3. by   yajaira21
    I think your better off in home care alot less stress ! You only have one patient and you dont have to walk on egg shells around adm. I'm alot less nervous around family members.
    I say go for it its less work less stress easier on you.

    I want to go back to home health after working in skilled nursing ugh ya I want to go back to HH