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So I just started my FIRST job as a CNA January 2 of this year. I am still fairly new. I thought I was doing pretty good for starting out, until I recently had some complaints! There was one girl... Read More

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    This is normal. You will find as time goes by the other shift will complain about anything. The thing is to do your best.
    The other shift will never stop complaining.

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    Tammy I worked as a CNA for about six years, and the best way I found to get rid of this problem is to do a walk through with the CNA that will be taking over your patients after you leave. I even went the extra mile to have them sign off on my own made up charts as we left each patients room, that way they cannot complain about someone being wet, having skin tears, or anything else. In my experience I have learned that a paper trail is always your best defense, dates, times, patients, and signatures, that way you can always go back and say "well why did you sign off on it?" Being a CNA is truly a hard position mentally and physically, you have to really care about people to do this job well and unfortunately there are those who make it that much harder. Anyone can tell if someone is freshly wet or if they have been laying up in it for quite sometime, this is the best advice I can give, walk your hall with the next shift EVERYDAY before you leave......problem averted!! Good Luck!!
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    Thanks everyone so much for your replies!!!

    I went in to work today and did my rounds at 10 pm and clocked out 1030 pm. I had the charge nurse check my rounds just in case the DON heard any complaints, I have a witness. I also had the CNAs on my shift check too.

    I hate that I have to do that, but as long as I have witnesses, it wouldn't only be my word.
    I definitely put more than one pad under each resident. We have heaaavyy bed wetters on all floors of skilled living.

    Thank you all so much!
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    [QUOTE=tammy_zeidan09;6183198] there is no way they can soak up a bed, through the bed pads, onto the linens in 45 minutes!
    Why not?

    She told me to put two diapers on them. QUOTE]
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    what does putting 2 briefs on someone even accomplish?
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    Everywhere I have worked, double briefing is a guaranteed write up if discovered! Just to forewarn you. The next shift is always going to complain. If it becomes a huge issue involving the next shift trying to get you in trouble, I'd ask the nurse to check your work before you leave - this way, you have a witness that things were done as they were supposed to.

    EDIT: Aaaaand I didn't read this 2nd page before I posted that, I see you already have that covered.
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    And where I work, we don't have bed pads, they were gotten rid of 2 years we do a ton of bed strips. All of our residents are incontinent, as they are MRDD. Naturally, they're going to be incontinent...but we still have our fair share of people trying to blame everything on the previous shift, coupled with people who really DO leave the residents wet/dirty. It's frustrating, and if I work before certain people, I have the nurse check my rooms every night.
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    Quote from MikaB23
    Tammy I worked as a CNA for about six years, and the best way I found to get rid of this problem is to do a walk through with the CNA that will be taking over your patients after you leave.
    I really miss doing this! It's not possible at my facility now, because we have to be clocked out by 10:07, and 3rd shift never gets on the floor until that time. It made things go so much more smoothly and complaint-free for the most part.
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    lol don't double brief...just do your rounds and make sure everyones clean when you leave. You will learn in time that all shifts complain about each other. am shift will complain about noc... pm's will complain about am's and noc will complain about pm's.. haha it will never ever end so just do your work and you'll be fine=]. make sure their chucks are where they're suppose to be at and yeah... it's really out of their place to text clocked out and you're off. just do your job and before you leave go to your nurse and be like everyone is changed, clean and good. Give like a report so it covers your butt you know?

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