1. I am about to start CNA classes in Indiana and after completing them, I would like to get a job at Ball Memorial Hospital. I have been visiting the hospital for 3 days because the boyfriend's Dad had a hip replacement. I noticed that a guy that was helping "the Dad" had an Ivy Tech badge and assumed that he was a CNA. Instead he was a PNT. I asked what was the difference between that and a CNA. He said that he can do catheters, wound dressings, and some other techniques that CNA's can't. I asked how he became a PNT and he said that the hospital teaches you and is only a 2 week program. He said your pay is raised a couple of bucks too.

    Well I checked with a hospital down in Kentucky (that's where my RN program is) and they don't offer it down there. I was wondering if anybody else has any info about PNT's? Thanks!!! ~Ooper
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