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    Hello Fellow CNA's!
    I wanted to give back to this community by providing a handbook I made for those studying for the CNA exam.
    A big thanks to for the help and resources it provides for many young nurses and CNA's.

    "Pessimism is a contagious disease, Optimism is the breakthrough cure."
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    Hello joonil.choe
    Thank you very much for your information, I have another question, after washing my hands, I can raise the bed, close the curtain and the door for privacy and there I drop my gloves and I can do from before entering the patient room, thank you very much for your help.
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    Hey linamtob1,
    Glad it helped. As for your question, I need you to rephrase it since I do not understand.
    But from what I read, you are taking off your gloves after the closing procedure (raising the bed, closing curtain...). You need to take off your gloves before you touch the CLEAN stuff (like the curtain and bed in this case).
    The key is to be aware of INFECTION CONTROL (1 of the 6 principles of care) and the examiners will be very keen of this during your exam. We wouldn't want harmful microorganisms to spread, right?

    Hope this helped. Ask me more, I know how it feels to be in your shoes right now! Hang in there!
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    Hey linamtob1,
    Glad you found some help. Sorry to have taken so long to reply to your previous post.
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    Hey Linamtob1,
    Did you pass your exam?
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    Hello jjic3982, thank you very much for all your information as it served me very much and I am happy to have passed the test at the first opportunity.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with others.

    Sorry that he could not write before.

    Now I am in search of employment that is a little more complicated but I hope to get soon.

    You live in Florida?
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    Your welcome, I hoped I helped a little at least (since I didn't get to put much input for you). I don't live in Florida but I'm sure you can find some who do at the forum.
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    Hey Joon,
    Just letting you know I forwarded your post to some folks who really could use your handbook. Thanks again for the help!
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    Hi Joon,

    Thanks for your packet; however, I'm confused as it does not seem to match the Red Cross book I just bought, "Nurse Assistant Training": Nurse Assistant Training (9781584804147): American Red Cross: Books

    For example, in your info for positioning the resident in a supine position, you indicate the need to log roll the resident onto his/her back before realigning the resident. However, this skill in the book does not ask this. It asks only that you positioin the person to be lying on their back in the center of the bed.

    Can you help me understand where you got the information for your packet?

    Thanks. I'm taking the challenge exam next week as an RN nursing student and have not done the Red Cross training, so it's very difficult for me to know what to study for the test.

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    Hey Rose,
    If the patient is lying on his/her side, and your task is to change their position to supine, it is best to log-roll them to supine then after realign them.

    I got most of the information from what I've seen in class, and also from what made sense to me.
    As the handbook states, I advise you to use the handbook as a guide, but the text book that you have is what you should refer to most.

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