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    [COLOR=#000000]Hi Everyone!
    I need to get my certification for CNA as a pre req. for nursing school. I am in-between jobs right now and have time to sign up ASAP. I've been looking into different schools, I was wondering what anyone out there has had experience with to help me make a decision where to go. I know Ventura and community colleges offer for a good price but I want to enter soon so the schedules to match me for them. Has anyone gone to school at PMCI, Ventura Training Institute, Trinity School of Nursing, and WVOC? I just want to make sure I'm not wasting money...I know itís expensive going private, but just want to make sure it would be worth it. I'm from Simi Valley so I can either go San Fernando way or Ventura.
    Thank you All!

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    Ventura Training Institute has some great instructors and I liked the program. I learned a lot and meet some awesome people. If you are still looking I would recommend you check out their website and give them a call.


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