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So i was given a call from a nursing home i applied to. Unfortunately the only openings are for the night shift and i was hoping to find something in the evening. The pay is very good! And this would be my very first cna job. Is... Read More

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    I currently work for a private hospital with the schedule of 3x per week for 7p-7a. I enjoy it with the exception of working with a whole bunch of miserable senior citizens who has been doing bedside nursing for 30 plus years, while I watch them eat their young (nurse graduates). Sad, but true.

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    I'm a student right now but I am a cca, I work full time nights. Nights are good as long as you're self-motivated. I am busy for my entire 12 hour shift starting with putting people to bed, getting laundry carts ready for the morning, cleaning up after the day staff. There are a lot of people, most are sleeping but I'm responsible to make sure everyone is dry in the morning, this means a lot of changes in the middle of the night. I want people to be looked after to my best ability, so I am on top of doing turns(q2h) and changes. Then to end our nights we have people who want to get up early and we get them up before we go.

    It is easier on staff dynamics, not so many cooks in the kitchen.
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    Personally, I prefer working NOC over any other shift for many of the reasons cited above. Some nights are hectic, especially if there is a flu bug going through the unit; however, there seems to be a better dynamic in team members too.

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