CNA License Renewal in Florida

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    Hello everyone!
    My CNA License expires 12/31/2013. I have completed my 24 hours of in service training as required by the State of Florida and renewed my CPR Certification. I have not worked as a CNA for money for 2 yrs. I have previously. Has anyone else had this situation? I have been taking care of my elderly parents who are in their late 80's and performing all the CNA Duties but I don't accept money from them, just can't do it. Wondering if the State will still renew my license?
    Thanks for any help.

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    I had the same concern two years ago and let my license expire after mis-information from the Florida Health Dept. Then earlier this year I had the mind to call to find out and they told me I could renew it after all. I haven't done any inservices nor have I worked as a CNA since transferring my license. I got it renewed without a problem, just had to pay more. I think you will be fine.
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    Thanks that is so reassuring.
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    You're welcome.

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