CNA job openings

  1. I live in southern Cali, in the San Fernando Valley. Looking for work under my cna has been challenging, most openings I've seen require a year or more experience. And I do not have any. Who hires cna's without experience??
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  3. by   esand
    What I did was, I went to Google and typed in 'Nursing homes Columbus, OH' since that's where I live, and just visited the website of each one and checked out their employment section of the page. I found many new places to apply just from doing this, places that require no experience and whatnot.

    Good luck!
  4. by   TurtleCat
    Out of curiosity, have you tried applying to the facility where you did clinicals at? I applied to the nursing home we did clinicals at during our CNA class, and it looks like I may have a job lined up there. Went in for an interview, gave my ID and social security card so they could run a background check, and was told I'd be given the official job offer after that clears. So I highly suggest trying that. Good luck!