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Cna exam in massachusetts

  1. 0 How many questions are on the cna written exam? Im taking it in a couple of weeks and im sooo nervous, can someone tell me what to expect on both the written and clinical portions of the test? thanks!
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    I took my CNA exam in Lowell. I do not remember the amount of questions because I took it awhile ago but I think it was all multiple choice. When I went we took the written exam first then had a break and did the clinical portion separately. I had to do ROM and nail care for my skills and then dress a stroke patient. The major thing's I remember people failed was call lights, bed rails, and safety measures. If there is not a call light in the room pretend there is one and announce "I would give the patient their call light, I would lower the patients bed, etc. Good luck!
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    thanks! how long did the clinical part take? and did they only ask you to do 3 skills?
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    I forget how long as in terms of hours but I remember it taking awhile because you do your skills separate from everyone else. I would say in the room it was probably around 10-15 minutes. I only had to do three skills but that was six years ago so they could have changed it.