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  1. I'm planning on taking CNA classes and I just took the practice CNA online exam. ( I missed 6 questions. How many questions can you miss and still pass the actual exam? Is the real exam way harder because the practice online exam seemed easy? I missed some obvious questions but more that were focused on the mathematical side. Also, another question..I'm attending massage therapy school currently. I'm still young, currently 19. What are the chances a hospital would hire me immediately after CNA classes? Would they observe the fact I'm going to be a massage therapist soon and take that as a good thing, would it increase my chances of immediate hire?

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  3. by   misserella8036
    The CNA written exam is a piece of cake. It's the skills test that you have to be careful of. If you miss one step in the care process they can fail you. When you first get a CNA license it's usually hard to get into a hospital right away. Most people start off in a nursing home. But anything is possible. Especially if you have some connections. I wouldn't sweat the CNA exams. If you pay attention in class you'll do great. Good luck!
  4. by   melisana
    I agree the Knowledge part of the exam is a piece of cake it is the clinicals you have to be careful on.

    some hospitals will take you right away they just have to be in need of a CNA
  5. by   sincerebliss
    Yay, okay. So, blood pressure, vitals, bed making, ect? I think I can do that..
    I'll probably start classes next month. I'm enjoying browsing these forums. Thanks you all!
  6. by   megan.burch
    What skills do you need to know for the exam? I start my CNA class in 12 days and i want to study early so i when the class is over with i can take my exam ASAP so i can get a JOB!!
  7. by   theidealist
    there are 24 skills that they test you on (at least in oregon) and usually they hand you a packet. at the site they tell you exactly what skills and the procedures for them. as long as you take the test right after your class and study you'll do fine!