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I work in the Special Care Unit of a long-term care facility that has a policy of resident's rights to be free from all restraints, including chemical restraints. Our 'Unit' as they call it, has... Read More

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    It sounds like this patient is most definately high risk patient and needs that 1:1 24hr care. I hate chemically restraining someone because usually you can tell when they've been heavily medicated and it can affect them so bad that they will become worse.

    Most places WONT have someone work 1:1 because it's not cost effective. I'd rather do a 1:1 than heavily medicate someone. But then again, sometimes chemically restraining is the answer believe it or not. There are those that need the chemical restraints in order to keep themselves and others around them safe. I know it sounds harsh but I've seen it, and in those situations, it needs to be done!!!!
    I found out one of the problems is that they changed doctors on her, I don't know why. The new doctor took away every med she was on including the effective ones and apparently now she's only allowed a couple of different prn meds. I was told that her low oxygen sat readings were because of the meds. OK fine....she still has very low sats and yet she has loads of energy to get up and move around, to get extremely agitated when there are a lot of visitors at the Unit, or for just no reason at all, and to be up all hours of the night. I don't understand why we can't just go back to medicating her to the point that she doesn't just conk out, rather be a little more relaxed and compliant. We need to find a happy medium between meds and other creative ways to keep her more calm.