Which is better?Hosp CNA or Nursing Home?

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    Anybody know what facility pays more in Texas? A Hospital or Nursing Home? I currently am earning, 8.50 an hr at an assisted living place, but have an interview tomorrow @ St Lukes Hosp for thier Ortho/Nuro dept. The shift for the hosp is, 7am to 7pm full time; whereas at the place where I am at, its considered part time (30-35 hrs) with 4 days on and 2 days off.

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    I work in a skilled nursing/long term care center and I get paid as much as hospital CNA do. I'm in New Mexico. Usually hospitals pay more. See what they can offer you?
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    I have been working at a very well known hosp now for a year and am now earning, 10.25 an hr (from the 9.75 that I started). Other aides on the same floor are earning, 15 - 16 an hr and they have been there for over a year.
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    I'm not sure about Texas but Ga hospitals can range from $9.87/hr (Grady) to $13.25/hr (Wellstar). These rates are PRN, it is lower if you are full-time or part-time. Nursing homes here are generally lower than hospitals, $9-10/hr. Plus, nursing homes tend to give you a larger team to take care of and less equipment/supplies to work with.
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    I currently work at an assisted living facilty in TN but worked at a nursing home for 10 years prior. I made more per hour at the nursing home. Also, contrary to what some think, assisted living doesnt always mean easier. I often do the same work as I did in the nursing home with less pay. Yes, there are more to care for at nursing home but you have more "help". I work graveyard with only myself and another CNA/PCT for at least 8 hours a night so you are also doing nurses work. Right now, I am considering transferring to the hospital.

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