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This is a rant because I'm so mortified at some programs today. I looked into Karing With Kindness in, NJ and I warn you not to attend... I drive by their place all time so I figured I give them a... Read More

  1. by   laratodd82
    I went to LTC Career Training in Lakewood,NJ. It was small, but the class was great and the instructor was very very nice.
  2. by   jen2b
    Sorry I guess I'm not on your level... how is it up there looking down upon everyone else? Yes I work for Karing with Kindness and they are a great company yes you are exactly right that i did google and find these awful things being said. Some that are NOT AT ALL TRUE and some that needed to be clarified and some I went to the owner and discussed.
    Because she is such a nice lady that I didn't think she would want her office staff behaving like that... Sorry if I offended you with grammar errors didn't know I was getting graded and as for being unprofessional I don't know what was so unprofessional that i wrote last time because i wrote that facts and truth looks pretty professional to me.
    I don't think that bashing a company is OK. Why not go to the manager or owner instead spread this nonsense give a company a chance see if they can fix a wrong.
    Because I know when I alerted the owner of was being said the office staff was immediately corrected. To me that's whats matters and show how she does care about how people are treated.
    Have you EVER been to Karing with Kindness??
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