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This is a rant because I'm so mortified at some programs today. I looked into Karing With Kindness in, NJ and I warn you not to attend... I drive by their place all time so I figured I give them a... Read More

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    I learned something today, so I'm glad y'all talked about past routes to RN and LPN. I think that is so cool; that's a really neat piece of Nursing History that makes total sense!

    Sprout here was thinking Diploma Nurses were the "alternative," which are awesome from all their hospital experience!Wow, I am glad you guys brought that up, we are diverse!
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    Quote from dirtyhippiegirl
    I hope this doesn't sound horrible awkward or out of place but I feel like your original comment...well...I don't know what your original comment was meant to say but you confused several people with it. And, while you did what you did, your experience actually has absolutely no current relevant experience either with the OP or with those who asked questions later.

    Why did you even bring it up?
    I am the one who took the thread off topic. PMFB-RN, you did not confuse me with your post, I was asking a question based on it. Thank you for answering it. Your post was much appreciated!

    You are right DHG, it was irrelevant to the OP, for that OP I am sorry!
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    Quote from amonroe457
    This is a rant because I’m so mortified at some programs today. I looked into Karing With Kindness in, NJ and I warn you not to attend… I drive by their place all time so I figured I give them a call. I call and ask if I could have some info on their CNA program and the lady on the phone, I acted as if I interrupted her she told me “I have no idea, Xxxx isn’t here and doesn’t come back until Monday” and she hung up without saying anything else… It was Tuesday and although that left a sour taste in my mouth I called on Monday to speak to Xxxxx. A different lady picked up and told me Xxxxxx would be in on Tuesday at 10. So I call the next day, on my break at work around 12ish, “Xxxxx has gone home for the day, call tomorrow, she’ll be here at 10”… I call Wednesday at exactly 10, the lady picks up and informs me that Xxxxx is there, but she’s outside right now. She takes my name and number and tells me she’ll have Xxxxx call me when she comes back in… Meanwhile, I’m thinking you have a potential student/customer here and you can’t put me on hold and go get her for a minute, since she’s probably just outside smoking or something!? I get a call back TWO AND A HALF hours later. Completely lacking the answers to anything I ask, I ask when I can come in for more info, she says “uhmm now I guess”. I go only cause it’s 2 minutes away from me. It’s a very confusing place, I ask around for Xxxxx, and eventually someone says they’ll get her. I begin asking her questions, about the costs, clinicals, schedule, ect and she starts texting on her cell phone!?!?!?!?! I left after that. I did learn that no one running the program is even an RN... This has got to be one of the most UNPROFESSIONAL places ever! If you’re in South/Central New Jersey avoid this place!!!!!!Anyone know any decent CNA programs in Central Jersey?
    Everyone is entiled to thier own opinion BUTTT to sit back and make rumors and judge as if you have known facts about this company when really everyone just sounds like a bunch of high schoolers in the rumor mill... That doesnt seem very professional... So if you want to throw stones shouldnt live in a glass house... This company is privately owned so they do everything in thier power not to abuse people and "just take their money" that is why they are the lowest price in the county... Second every teacher is an RN and has been for many years... Every teacher has thier own teaching methods... If you do not like the teacher methods being used you should have reported it... They have an open door policy and things cannot be fix if they never get addressed or told to someone to fix... I'm sorry that they have treated you that way and if the owner was aware of that she would have fixed that IMMEDIATELY... So before you go and judge someone you should think of the impact you are creating... Everyone is human; and mistakes can be made I do not condone the behavior but you never know what was going on behind closed doors... So basically insulting a company just by YOUR OPINION isnt right...Someone has worked very hard on creating and the work that has been put in is not easy or else everyone would do it... you should take a good look at negativity that YOU have created and realize that YOU are not better than the woman on the phone....
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    Looks like someone working at Karing With Kindness googled the place and found this and made an account to defend herself.

    Juuust saying, it's been almost a year since the last post before yours.
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    Agreed, esand. And the poster's rather belligerent, unprofessional approach to the situation makes me side even more with the OP's original concerns. This new post does not put Karing With Kindness in a better light at all, especially given all the misspellings and poor grammar.
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    Quote from DixieRedHead
    In some states, North Carolina being one, you don't have to have ANY education. You can challenge the test and if you pass, you are certified. Scary huh?
    Because of this policy, most states do not hold reciprocity with NC. There are a few other states that don't require an education and the same goes for them as far as reciprocity. I had a girl in my class (in TN) who had been a CNA for 10 years in NC but when she moved to TN she was required to take a state approved class and pass the state exam.
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    I went to LTC Career Training in Lakewood,NJ. It was small, but the class was great and the instructor was very very nice.
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    Sorry I guess I'm not on your level... how is it up there looking down upon everyone else? Yes I work for Karing with Kindness and they are a great company yes you are exactly right that i did google and find these awful things being said. Some that are NOT AT ALL TRUE and some that needed to be clarified and some I went to the owner and discussed.
    Because she is such a nice lady that I didn't think she would want her office staff behaving like that... Sorry if I offended you with grammar errors didn't know I was getting graded and as for being unprofessional I don't know what was so unprofessional that i wrote last time because i wrote that facts and truth looks pretty professional to me.
    I don't think that bashing a company is OK. Why not go to the manager or owner instead spread this nonsense give a company a chance see if they can fix a wrong.
    Because I know when I alerted the owner of was being said the office staff was immediately corrected. To me that's whats matters and show how she does care about how people are treated.
    Have you EVER been to Karing with Kindness??
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