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Just Curious if any of you CNAs leave work an actually feel ok? By the time I finish my 12 I literally limp around. Spoke with someone recently who didn't think that was the norm. So.... Comments?... Read More

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    I feel the same as you. Been working at this place for 2 months. When I was hired they said a typical patient load is 10 and on occasion 15. Well since I started I have 17-20 patients every evening and I come home is pain daily and live on Advil. My shifts are only 8 hours but I'm so physically exhausted my days off are spent doing absolutely nothing but sleeping and lying around.
    I think 8s are worse because you only get 2 days to rest. I can do one 12 or maybe 2 if my groups not bad and feel ok but 3 in a row I'm done. I just wish my body could handle it better. It's been 3 years and no changes. I'm soooo sore. I literally wonder how I'm gonna get outbid the car hen I pull up to my house lmao. A hot shower helps but as a rule I'm no good for the next day.

    "No day but today"
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    I do 8s and I don't have much of a problem. My legs get a little achy, but that's because I have foot problems. On the rare occasion that I work a 12-hour shift, I definitely feel it. I feel exhausted and wound up at the same time and my legs are stiff and achy. I feel like a zombie, yet I have trouble sleeping that night.
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    I never feel good after a shift. I'm a teeny little 110 pound girl with flamingo legs.
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    I have been doing this for only 3 months on a medsurg floor. I was hoping my body would begin to adjust but from what I am reading on here it doesn't appear as if that will happen any time soon. People keep saying to soak in epsom salt also. I have only tried this once but I plan on trying it more frequently.

    Hang in there!
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