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hi everyone my name is jay d :redbeathe i just signed up for my cna class and it starts may 2nd :d i am super excited!!! i am currently doing a 4 year nursing program but decided that my job at sonic was not cutting it. so me... Read More

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    danggg! lol thats alot! i havent gotten the cirriculum for my class yet but i remember when my ex took it he had alot to learn lol but im meeting with the professor next friday so maybe i will get the cirriculum then :d

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    Don't worry In my opinion, there is nothing rigorous about the class! The material is actual very easy, and the main challenge is just practicing the skills over and over so you get them right on your exam.

    Don't worry about taking a shorter course - mine was only a week long and I did just fine.
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    Yay for you! I remember how exicted and nervous I was before my CNA class and before starting nursing school. Relax, learn your skills very well, practice them on your family until they get sick of you <laugh>, and have fun with it. It will teach you a lot of the basic skills that you will need, and will teach you to appreciate your CNA's when you are a nurse!
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    Are you still excited? The days are ticking down!! =D

    I went today and got my criminal record check and my immunization records on the go! They should be ready for me in about a week! They better not be late I need to get them in before the 21st!
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    Hi Girls,

    I am actually starting class May 16 and it runs for exactly 4 weeks. It costs about 1k for the program but luckily my fiance paid it for me since I just quit my job and my last day is next friday!

    I'm taking the night class so it runs from 4-930 m-f but clinical days are from 2-930. I am starting NS in august so figured this would be better on my resume than working at a large business. Plus I am hoping it will really give me a better idea of what I'm getting myself into!
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    Im in the same situation.
    I had to have my fiance pay for my course too... this way I will be able to pay for the rest of my education and slowly climb the ladder. I hate feeling like a leech!
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    1. would it be useful to get my textbook early and read through it before starting the class? i had to order my text book before and will have to read certain chapters and fill out the work book before i can even go to class.

    2. what supplies will i need? mine said i needed a certain color of scrubs, a stethescope, a gait belt, and some other stuff.

    3. about how much will i be getting paid after getting a job as a cna?
    around here its about 8-12 an hour, it really depends on what kind of place you work at.

    4. how rigorious is the course going to be? i'm not sure, i'm taking mine on may 10th!!!

    5. would it be a good idea to get my phelbotomy certification as well?

    6. what about my cpr certification? will i get that durring the class or seperate? for my course it was required before taking the class for some reason which i'm going to take next week.

    i hope my answers helped a little bit.... i'm excited to take the class too! i thought i forked a lot of money for the class at like $775... but i guess i got a great deal! it's being taught at my community college so at least i'll already be familiar with the school. good luck everyone.
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    JAY D,

    You state that you are in a 4 yr nursing program already. Why then are you taking a CNA course? If you have already completed at least one clinical rotation, hospitals will snag you up in a second for a position as patient care attendant, clinical aide, etc. (AKA, CNA) Just let them know that you are a student nurse. I work in a children's hospital and they are constantly hiring student nurses for these positions. And knowing that you are a student, they work around your school schedule. Have you checked with hospitals around your area? If not, I would before spending time and money taking a course that you may not even need. Good Luck!

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