3rd shifters, what are your duties? - page 2

Sometimes I feel like I am a house keeper. Here is my list of things I do for the night. We have two cna's on duty for third shift, thats it. Oh, I also work in a CBRF assisted living. about 30... Read More

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    i work in a nursing home. we have to aides on the floor for about 35 residents. we do rounds every 2 hrs. we get 8 residents up and dressed in the morning. one of them is basically independent i wash her back and make her bed empty her trash etc. the rest we do most of their cares and make their beds etc. we give at least one shower each morning except the weekends. during the night we have a schedule of chores cleaning wheelchairs, kitchenette, bedpans commodes urinals, putting towels and washcloths in rooms for morning, passing ice, putting linen in rooms for bedchanges, cleaning lifts, answering lights,and i am a med aide so when the nurse is busy on another floor i sometimes help pass meds. i also like to get the shower room ready for morning, and we clean brushes combs and razors. there usually isn't anytime for boredom. i don't mind doing these things because it helps make it a better place for these residents to live.