"force feeding" residents - page 2

I recently watched as a CNA who, because she truely cared for the resident, adamantly insisted a (confused)resident eat dinner. She held the spoon to her lips and told the resident she would not... Read More

  1. by   PRNketamine
    I just wanted to say when I first saw the title of this topic. I was thinking resident as in MD. And my visual image was pretty funny.
  2. by   mintygirl
    I dunno.. I mean I'd have to see it with my own eyes, but often times I've had LVN's and Rn's push me aside to push the food in or "tricking them" by touching their lips w/ a straw, when it opened, put the food in.

    You see otherwise the pt won't eat, which that in itself is a world of trouble. I dont condone the verbal abuse or mishandling, but you definitely have to "encourage" a pt to eat! Otherwise the end result if a feeding tube through the nose, stomach, etc and those risk surgeries can leave a pt with multiple infections and death.