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what does a CNS/Nurse Educator do..

  1. 0 Hi all!
    I have a big decision to make, and would appreciate your input and insights. I have been accepted to a nursing school (Fresno State)that will graduate me as a CNS/nurse educator. I really want to work on-hands patient care. can I do this with this degree? I called someone at the school, and he said I would be educating patients or teaching at a nursing school. Does he mean those diabetes classes that some hospitals do?? I really dont want to teach at a nursing school. Does anyone here know of any cns/nurse educators?? Can they take care of patients or do they just educate patients??

    Also, I was accepted into a CNL program(UCLA). Which do you guys think is better? CNL is so new, that i am worried about going in the field. But, also, with all that talk of CNS moving into a doctorate, I am also worried about becoming a CNS--did not intend on getting a doctorate.

    Also, does school name matter in selecting a nursing school? UCLA is obviosly a better "name" than fresno state. Do you get paid more if you came from a better school?

    THANKS for all your help!
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    People educated as CNS's can work in a variety of roles. It really does depend on the the needs of the employer. Some CNS's work directly with patients a great deal. Others focus on teaching and supporting the staff nurses who provide that direct care -- helping them solve problems, being a resource, and developing new policies and programs. It's the most flexible and varied role in nursing.

    I suggest you browse several issues of the The Clinical Nurses Specialist journal. The articles in there would give you a glimpse of the types of things that CNS's do.