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Hello! Before my questions here is a quick look at my background: NICU nurse with 3yrs experience in high level University (teaching) hospitals. I recieved my BSN in 2006 and have always known... Read More

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    Quote from Myethpio
    I am currently a NICU nurse, and I believe I just finished the parent-child CNS program you happen to be looking into! Feel free to contact me, as I just finished that program last week
    Hi Myethpio!

    I would like to enroll in the parent/child CNS program within the next few years. What did you think about the program? Also are you planning to take or have taken a certification exam? I know that the CNS Core Exam will be obsolete after July 1, 2010. If parent-child CNS's aren't allowed to certify will this decrease job opportunities and will it diminish the parent-child CNS specialty?

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    What exam does this degree program fulfill? Peds CNS?
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    Quote from traumaRUs
    What exam does this degree program fulfill? Peds CNS?
    I'm really not sure traumaRUs. It doesn't specify on their web page. I will contact their office directly to ascertain this information. My first love and the majority of my nursing career has been spent working in low-risk neonatal nursing and maternal-newborn nursing, so the parent-child CNS would be the best fit for me.

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