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I was browsing on the NACNS website and came across an area describing current initiatives with one of the following being "Population-based CNS Competency development underway - Women's Health/Gender Specific and... Read More

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    In CA, people are certified by the state to be a CNS. If they complete a program where a national exam is available they can take that too. Some states have started to certify NP and CNS only in the populations identified by the consensus model. In DE, for example, family is one of the identified populations. So after 7/14, you must graduate from a programs focusing on one of the populations and take a national exam. If no exam is available, then you can be licensed by the state by virtue of completion of the education. People who have a CNS degree and are already licensed in a non-population specialty can still be licensed by grandfathering as long as they do not let the license lapse. Several other states similary look at the populations.
    New Rules for Delaware Licensed Advanced Practice Nurses

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    Wow - thanks for that info.
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    That would be a great move. As a new CNS I am dismayed with how little exposure the CNS role has. Currently negotiating for a hospitalist position. The hospital wants me to go back to school SO i can see pediatrics too. I am tired and can not afford to get back to school now. AND i would prefer to do DNP first...
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    Even if going back to school were an option for you I can't imagine peds CNS programs are that easy to find. Do they want you to get your FNP now?

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