CNS! Is this a Dying Specialty!? - page 7

Okay guys, What's the deal with this specialty? 1) Is there a demand? 2) Anybody currently practicing wished they had done NP instead? 3) Anybody currently praciticing love they job?... Read More

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    In all honesty, I had no idea what a CNS was or what a nurse prepared for that role did until I graduated with my BSN in 2009. I observed that two of my nursing school professors (excellent by the way ) had the degree and did some research. Roles such as "change agent" and "educator", and processes like implementing policies that are associated with a CNS are covered in the DNP/FNP program that I am currently in. I have observed it in many DNP/NP and MSN/NP curriculum from searching I have done with a friend of mine interested in going back to school. I can see how one can view the CNS as a dying specialty. It appears that the need for a CNS would be dependent on location and the facility as many things are.

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