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Hello, I am a recently accepted student to UCSF for the ACHIN program. I haven't met too many other Advanced Community or International Health Nurses and I was wondering if you're out there, what you do, how you got into this... Read More

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    ACHIN is no longer offered at UCSF. It is now Advanced Practice Public Health Nursing because of the lack of international residencies. A Master's in Public Health Nursing (MS degree at UCSF not an MSN) is offered at many schools. I can think of John Hopkins and many others. I think with the economy, job opportunities are not very good but better if you work in rural areas. You can also do much of public health nursing positions with an MPH + RN. If you have an MPH you won't need the PHN Masters. This program does not provide clinical skills or patient contact so if you want that go for an NP program. This program is more focused on grant writing, program management, administration, and research.

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    ^ Thanks for the response, cristaleena. MPH/Public Health Nursing was my first choice before I even finished my BSN. But with the economy right now, had to re-think about it. Thanks for the info.
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    The specialty at UCSF is now called APPHN, they dropped the Global Health Component as a foundation of the program, but you can minor in Global Health and UCSF has an MPH program through the Global Health Sciences Program Masters Program | Global Health Sciences but you apply separately (it's nearly the same as the APPHN, coming from someone who has an MPH already). I doubt it's the only one of its kind emswan, you can probably google it. Apparently ranks in the top 4 in the country according to US News UCSF Ranks Among Nation's Best Medical, Nursing Schools |
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