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Hello all. I completed my MSN program in december, and sat for the Adult CNS exam yesterday... and i FAILED! such an embarrassment, humiliation, failure, I was so sure of myself and this test...... Read More

  1. by   nicolein
    Quote from maddy08
    Hi Everyone!

    I passed my Adult Health CNS board certification exam today!!! What a thrill for it to be over with! Thank you Jesus!

    I thought I'd shared how I studied and what I thought was most helpful.

    Very Helpful: (most of these books I already had b/c of my program)
    Hamric and Spross (green book)
    Fulton, Lyon, & Goudreau (blue book)
    Alligood & Tomey (book about nursing theorists)
    Burns & Grove, The Practice of Nursing Research
    Bastable, Nurse as Educator
    Fitzgerald, Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination & Practice Preparation (purchased from Amazon)
    Answering the test content outline word-for-word that's provided on the ANCC website and used it to make my own study guide (I think this was the most helpful. And if I couldn't find the answers in one of the books, I googled it )
    And finally using the ANCC website sample questions for every section (peds, adult, case management, NP, etc.). I read and answered those questions until my face turned blue! It really helped in understanding the format and answers to expect on the actual test.

    Not Helpful:
    Mometrix Media Adult Health CNS Exam Secrets (a lot of errors, I'm planning on getting a refund)
    ANCC Adult Health CNS Teleconference. They provide you a notebook full of slides that are vague and appear outdated. The teacher for the teleconference reads exactly what's written on the slides. Not to mention there was lots of static, disconnections, and times when we had to call back to listen to a pre-recording of some one else giving the conference. Plus lots of $$$ to purchase. I regret this the most.

    I hope this helps!
    Hi Maddy08
    I'm so happy for you. Thanks for the info on the resources that were most helpful for you. I'm in my last semester and I'm so stressed about this exam although I told myself I wouldn't. How long did you take to study for the exam??
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    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your references. I'll make sure I'll have them too when it is my time to prepare for my certification exam. I hope to graduate next summer. Wish me luck!
  3. by   VANurse36
    Is there anyone out there who has taken the adult health CNS exam recently and can provide any updated info or studying assistance? Thanks in advance I have recently graduated in August 2012 and beginning to study for exam.
  4. by   nicolein
    Quote from VANurse36
    Is there anyone out there who has taken the adult health CNS exam recently and can provide any updated info or studying assistance? Thanks in advance I have recently graduated in August 2012 and beginning to study for exam.
    I would strongly suggest you joining the Facebook group ANCC CNS STUDY GROUP. it's a group where ppl who have taken or are planning on taking the exam post info and questions. A number of members recently took the exam and posted general feedback re the test. I'm a student completing my CNS program soon and looking for study tips and I think the info on the FB site will be beneficial. Good luck to you!!
  5. by   VANurse36
    Thanks so much for the info, I will definitely check it out!
  6. by   nicolein
    Well it's been a while but I'm super excited to announce that I passed the cert exam yesterday. What a HORRIBLE EXAM!!! So broad and such ambiguous questions. Had to read and reread to figure out what was being asked. What I found helpful in passing was #1 Joining the FB group and getting tips on areas to focus. Everyone that passed mentioned the same theorists and content areas to zone in my study on. Next the mometrix was helpful, my precious Hamric book for sure, the CNS spheres of influence and the activities under the competences (know this backwards and forward) and the AACN Syngery book. Good luck to all students and working CNSs brave enough to tackle this exam. Do not use any NP reviews nor review anymore pharm. The pharm u know right now is enough. Nursing process also of great importance!
  7. by   ccns34
    I passed the AACN -CCNS exam this past spring and while it was challenging I felt the resources I used prepared me adequately. I used the CCNS review DVDs offered by AACN-these were helpful as there was also powerpoints which you could print off the slides. I also used CCNS review audio CD's that were by a national educational review company-ok but I would get distracted very easily. A few days before my exam I got nervous that I needed to study more and purchased the mometrix e-edition-it was a very nice review. If anyone is looking to purchase any of these resources I suggest looking on ebay or amazon they seem to be a little cheaper than directly from the companies.