With BSN at Chamberlain can you get an MSN elsewhere???

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    Hi all!

    I'm registered to start Chamberlain in Columbus, OH in the summer but have heard things about their degrees not transferring. So my question is does anyone know if I get my BSN at Chamberlain will I be able to use that degree to move on to another school, for example...Ohio State, to get my Masters degree?

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    As long as you graduate from an accredited school and pass the NCLEX, you'll be fine. The rumor with Chamberlain is that some credits might not transfer for like a RN-BSN program. You should be fine for a MSN.
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    Thanks! I have been very worried about it.
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    I'm not so sure about this. You may want to speak with a financial adviser at the school you intend to get your masters at.
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    Quote from Navy_Glam
    I'm not so sure about this. You may want to speak with a financial adviser at the school you intend to get your masters at.
    The OP wasn't talking about anything related to financial aid...??? The OP was asking about credits transferring and as long as the credits are from an accredited school, it qualifies. That's unrelated to financial aid. I know financial aid is hard to get at Chamberlain since it is for-profit but that's a whole different topic...
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    Sorry - I meant academic adviser.

    Again, Chamberlain is not a state school (like a community college or local university) and it is not as easy to transfer credits from "these type" of educational institutions (meaning Chamberlain) as it is with a state college.

    The OP may transfer from one Chamberlain campus to another, but I highly doubt from Chamberlain to a state university.
    Please see an academic adviser at the school you are considering getting your master's from.
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    As long as the particular program you attended is fully accredited, you are fine. There is a Chamberlain ADN and BSN program in my city and I know of numerous grads pursuing their BSN and MSN at several major state universities now.
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    You may be right. I have never gone to Chamberlain but I know last year I was highly considering Concorde for my ADN and because getting my BSN is so important to me, I went to the two major universities in my city (UNF & JU) to see if they would accept credits from Concord for my BSN and I was advised my the director of nursing at both schools that they would not. I obviously opted not to move forward with Concorde for that reason. Concorde is a fully accredited educational institution and are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), a national accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Again, I am not saying it isn't possible but she should definitely inquire before hand with the university she intends to get her MSN at. I would have been devastated if I had found out too late and was unable to ultimately get my BSN. It's simply better to be safe than sorry
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    Chamberlain is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), a regional accrediting agency, and with the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC). I'm not sure if this applies to all campuses or just mine.... but it is usually the CCNE or NLNAC that transfer nursing programs are looking for when accepting transfer credit for a RN-BSN. As long as the Chamberlain the OP is going to is accredited by the CCNE or NLNAC, the OP should be fine with transfer credits. If they don't have either - I'd look at another school because you may (as you experienced) have trouble transferring credits.

    I personally avoided Chamberlain because you can't get government loans (like Stafford Loans) so you have to fund privately and it's BEYOND expensive.
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    Your right on that as well. Every Concorde in the country seems to be accredited by different agencies. Also it may depend on the universities rules - one may accept and another may not. So much to consider. If Chamberlain credits are transferable, that definitely sets it aside from all of those other institutions. Definitely something to look into.
    Their BSN program is $85,000 which is insane but I have to admit that I am considering them. I already have an AA which will transfer over, thus reducing my program length and tuition (not sure by how much on tuition just yet). I've tried twice to get into the program at my local college and have been denied one, more than likely this time as well and I graduated with HONORS! I just don't take standardized tests well and can't seem to score high enough. I also applied into JU which is a private state university here (14k per semester) and decision letters will be mailed on 06/11!!! I'm praying I get it! They do not require a test, so it's based on GPA, interview, essay, references, scholarships, etc.
    If I don't get in I will definitely be looking at Chamberlain because I really don't want to be trying to get in forever ;(
    Now I know why such schools are so expensive.... -___-

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