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    Merry Chritmas!!! I want to complete RN-BSN program asap as I am 37 and have a small kid. I have to wait another 6 months to get admission in university. I heard about Chamberlain that they give admission every 2 months but I am not sure how good and tuff is their program. Is chamberlain graduate able to get job or not. I am very much confused . please advise.

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    yes chamberlain grads are able to get a job. i have an RN and my job who is working even with are BSN from chamberlain. in fact she convinced me to go to chamberlain which i will start in jan. chamberlain is accredited just expensive. But i had a 10% of because i am an ANA member. call or check their website. i also have a 22 month old so BSN is neccesary. i will start in jan and finish in oct.
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    Thank you.

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