FNP May start

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    CCN MSN-FNP students starting May 5, 2014.
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    I start the FNP program in May 5, 2014 and wondering if there is anyone else. We could work together or just support each other. Thanks.
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    I just recently graduated Chamberlain's RN-BSN program. I will also be starting the FNP program in May.
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    I graduated CCN's RN-BSN program last June and am excited to be starting their FNP program this May as well!
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    I also will be starting the CCN FNP program in May. Excited and the same time Nervous. Good luck to all of us and let keep in touch.
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    I am starting FNP program in May as well. Good luck to all of you and see you in the discussion threads!!!
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    I will be starting May 5 too! I am from GA!
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    I am also looking at starting in May. Does anyone know if you are eligible to take the FNP exam in Georgia with this program?
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    Yes you can take fnp exam for GA.
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    Great news! Thanks so much icuscubanurse36...