Chamberlain's NCLEX Percentage Score

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    Can anyone tell me where I can find the nclex passing rate for Chamberlain for the Houston TX campus? I've been searching for it and cannot find it. I've looked on the BON site as well as Google search and all over all nurses and I can't find it. I'm very interested in applying to this school, I've even researched its history before it was bought by DeVry, I am just missing this nclex score to make me extra sure about the BSN program.

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    I've found that this question has been asked a number of times on all nurses but I don't find where it's been answered. And I've googled as well and keep coming up with nothing.
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    It is within 85-89%.
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    They just told us it's 93%.
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    Quote from hajmaja
    It is within 85-89%.
    Where did you find this information?
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    Quote from SBSN
    They just told us it's 93%.
    Sorry I'm just seeing this. Where were you that they just told you this?
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    In orientation
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    Quote from SBSN
    In orientation
    Thank you. I'm going to PM you.
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    Quote from hajmaja
    It is within 85-89%.
    In addition to where did you get this number from, are you sure this number is for Houston Texas?
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    I took this directly from the Texas BON website: "The program has had a graduating cohort with a 2013 NCLEX-RNŽ examination pass rate of 87.50% (14/16) and is eligible for full approval."

    You'll find this under the "About the Board" link, under "BON Meetings," under the January 23-24 2014 Regular Meeting Agenda, section 3.2.5.b. of the agenda notes.
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